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Celtic Upper and Lower Case

Wednesday, August 01st, 2001 | 37 comments

The P22 Kells font set was designed with the intention of keeping it as historically accurate as possible. Aside from needing to adjust certain letters so that they looked more modern, the lettering styles used in the 9th century we very adaptable to the sensibilities and sophistication of today's computer user. This has proven to be the case as Kells is one of our best selling font sets. One of the decisions that was made in the designing of the Kells set was to keep the Uncial or Minuscules (small letters for the Kells Round) and Anglo Saxon style Majuscules (Capital letters for Kells Square) as separate lettering styles, that is to say there was no upper and lower case as we know them today. Knowing that some people would want to use the Upper and lower case together, we designed the Kells Round and Kells Square so that they could be inter-mixed and simulate a Capital and lower case alphabet.

We did not mix the two (aside from the Historical reason) because we also offer slight alternates in both the Round and Square fonts in the upper and lower case positions.


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Posted by lana Mia | on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

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The Kells set is highly popular and one of the best selling font sets available. The set's Uncial or Minuscule lettering fnf styles (small letters for Kells Round) and Anglo Saxon style Majuscule lettering styles (capital letters for Kells Square) are kept separate, without upper and lower case as we know them today.

Posted by llucklinn | on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

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